The Grand Canyon vs the Gift Shop

Mondays are chaotic for my work; always have been.  So today’s item is contributed by my husband.  It just so happened that today he drove one of our daughters to see the Grand Canyon.  She is young and was more fascinated by the gift shop than anything.  It’s a funny feeling to take your child walking along the rim of a natural wonder and have them prefer to look at trinkets.  But our older girls were the same way and eventually came to appreciate the wonders of nature, so I am not worried.

What is on my mind is this:  how often do we live near something as spectacular as a national park, important monument, or – in Arizona – at the doorstep of one of the seven natural wonders of the world without truly seeing it?  Not that I need to get preachy or anything.  Particularly since I was too busy to go at all!  It’s just that the point of this blog is ordinary days.  And how sometimes we can become so busy that we forget to appreciate the world at large.

I am pretty sure that the title of “Natural Wonder” trumps “extraordinary.”  But if you have only ever seen it in photographs, the Grand Canyon is an extraordinary experience worth having.


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