Spanx Battles with the Bulge

I went out this evening in a dress that I have not worn since before the winter months.  So … this entry is brought to you by Spanx.  Thank goodness that I had some, because I did not have time to shop for a new dress!  Most women will understand that sometimes you have that, “I have GOT to make this work,” moment.  And some form of lycra and spandex is probably going to be involved. 

I found a great article by Josh Quittner on how more men are beginning to have those moments, too, and that similar products are available for them.  One product line is called Equmen, which is decidedly more masculine.  But I doubt any of the models on that website really needed compression.

Maybe on a less busy day (in other words, NOT ordinary) I will have time to research how we’ve gotten ourselves back to girdles.  Our foremothers thought that they had liberated us from that.  But in a pinch, the Spanx saved the evening.  More lifesaving than extraordinary, but a good moment nonetheless.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Curious to know how effective these were. I have just started a blog site based on Product reviews basically. I think this post would really get some of my “future” viewers going. So far they are only my friends… lol


  2. if you want to visit. Let me know. I don’t want to spam you.


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