Amazon and other Online Shopping

Today I took some of my precious time from my ordinary day to seek out a product that I had read about and wanted to try.  It doesn’t really matter what it was.  What matters is that, after about four stores, I realized that my expectation of picking it up just anywhere was drastically wrong.  Frustrated, I came back home.

And I found what I needed online.  Seriously, less than 5 minutes later I had ordered the item from – which carries literally everything anymore – and it should be here on Friday. 

I must be a relic or hybrid of old school and new age.  I certainly know that online shopping is easy and relatively safe, and I have bought items that way many times.  Usually an item I am comfortable with.  But sometimes I forget and traipse out to into the real world in search of a product that I am unfamiliar with.  As if somehow the seeing or touching will inspire me with the confidence to try something new.  But online returns have gotten much more streamlined, and I am organized enough to remember to make them if needed.  So I have to chock online shopping up to the extraordinary event of the day.  I could have saved time, gas, and frustration with just a few clicks.


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