Social Networks and Google were Immediate

I was working quietly at my desk this afternoon when the Phoenix area felt the relatively gentle rolling of the 6.9 earthquake that centered in Baja, California.  My husband and I looked at each other, and I first thought maybe I was coming down with an illness.  But then I realized that my monitor, lamp, and blinds were moving – and that they probably were NOT ill.

We lived in California some years ago, and I do know what an earthquake feels like.  But it was so odd to experience that here in Phoenix that it took some moments to put it together.  We checked on the family (several of whom also thought they were ill) and then scratched our heads.  Really?  An earthquake?

So here is the extraordinary part:  while my husband turned on the television and started searching the news channels, I Googled the quake and within moments had confirmed the occurrence at and was reading tweets from other Phoenicians that were just as perplexed.  The on-air channels did not have coverage for nearly 30 minutes, and some as long as 50.  Even the local websites for the news stations were well behind.  But Twitter and Facebook were immediate.  Extraordinary.


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