My Current Favorite Online Game

I do work a lot of hours, and when I am not working the last thing I would choose to do is stay in my desk chair any longer playing computer games.  But pretty much everyone seems to have a favorite game to kill time while we’re on hold or break.  I have discovered one that I love:  Flood-It! by LabPixies

This game is addicting.  I play to increase my winning percentage; I’m results driven like that.  My husband plays to see how many levels he can conquer.  I thought that he had reached the pinnacle of pixie success when they gave his pixie royal status and a crown.  But then he kept playing and achieved a superhero status complete with mask and cape.  My poor pixie is still a day laborer in a hardhat.  Alas.

Simple, free, and fun.  There are also smart phone versions available.  Maybe not extraordinary to everyone, but I love it.


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