Seriously, Watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? The stories are powerful and the concept is deeply moving. If you have children, if you know children, if you have ever even seen children, you would be appalled at what they are being fed.

And if you know – or are – an adult with weight issues, you will find the idea of our national food trends to be disgusting. As bad as overweight adults might feel, try to imagine handing that legacy to a kid. It’s heartbreaking. We all know this; we sidestep it. But I am just as guilty of gnawing on some sweet snack while I’m watching the show!

Not one to be preachy, I just have to say that the idea of picking an overwhelming problem and starting somewhere – anywhere – is extraordinary. And especially so when it means swimming against the tide of our current culture. Try watching just to see how it makes you feel. ABC, Friday nights. Past episodes are available at the ABC website.


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