Solves Lots of Problems for Me

I had a challenge this evening with a project, and I needed to find one of those obscure commands in a software program to perform a one-time function.  There are many good websites out there for software training, but I am a big fan of  I have the modest monthly membership, and I can access their online training classes at any time and for any duration.

The site has a great catalog and navigation system, and I can easily find whatever topic I need.  The topics are further broken into short segments that are well defined so that I could quickly find the exact few minutes of training that I needed to solve the problem.  Of course, taking advantage of the full classes to learn something new is a great idea, too.  And with it is all included in the same monthly fee.

I am aware that similar information might be on other sites for free – but you have to find it first.  The extraordinary part of is how much time I save getting straight to the needed solution.


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