Little BIG Planet is a Blast

I am not generally a fan of video games.  I grew up old-school, when ColecoVision was the high end of graphics and we had a Smurfs game.  But I have discovered maybe the best family game ever:  Little BIG Planet.  It’s been out on PS3 for awhile, but I have only recently stumbled across it.  This game is non-violent and easy enough for most age levels, and yet has a compelling story and engaging level progression.

You play by means of a sackboy, which is a charming sort of sock puppet.  If you make a mistake and get the little guy killed, you can just restart the level and he’s good as new.  The game has multi-player challenges for 2, 3, or 4 that promote interaction and cooperation – but not in that sing-songy Kumba Ya kind of way.

And when you finally make it all the way through (which I did, yea!), there is a game option to build your own courses and run through them.  Currently my family is hard at work trying to out-do each other with that.  It is a blast, and it’s extraordinary.


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