The Key Ring Smart Phone App Rocks

I could probably write about one smart phone app each day for a year and not run out of extraordinary ideas.  But I do have a favorite.  There is an app out there called Key Ring, which is free on the Droid phones.  It works in conjunction with the Barcode Scanner application, which is also free on a Droid.  You can find similar apps for other smart phones, too.

Over the years most women I know, and especially those of us that shepherd large families, have stuffed our purses with membership cards from every store we regularly shop.  Library cards, discount cards, rebate cards.  And some cards from places that we’ve only been to once or twice.  But it gets to be a pain digging through a stack of club cards every time we want to use our shopper rewards.

Here is the extraordinary part:  with the Key Ring app, all you have to do is scan in the club card once, and you can carry around the entire collection in the phone’s memory.  All neatly organized and alphabetized and it even includes the company logo so that relocating them is a breeze.  Just call it up and have the store clerk scan the screen.  I do this all the time.  So easy.  So convenient.


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