Humanist vs Perfectionist

Yesterday was the first day since I committed to this blog that I did not make an entry.  There was nothing wrong yesterday and no drama.  I was tired and I fell asleep.  That seems simple enough, but then I awoke with a jolt in the wee hours of the morning realizing the mistake.  What to do?

I lay there for some time frantically running through the possible actions:  post late; try to manipulate the submission date; admit the mistake and move on.  I am a perfectionist about most things, meaning, “A disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable,” so the idea of admitting the mistake and moving on was the very last option I could conceive.  After all, I regard commitments as unbreakable in most circumstances.  It took me some time to relax about it [including waking my husband for his take on the matter (good man)].

After a while, I came to the conclusion that I am human and if this is my worst flaw, that’s probably okay.  If you are not a perfectionist, then you have no idea just how hard that conclusion feels.  Humanist, by the way, is “A doctrine, attitude, or way of life centered on human interests or values; especially a philosophy that stresses an individual’s capacity for self-realization through reason.”  I’m human.  That really was an extraordinary moment.


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