Crickets and Desert Nights

There are plenty of places in this country where crickets are a menace, and plenty of places where crickets are so common that they go unnoticed.  Here in Arizona there is a special place for crickets chirping away in an open field while I’m out for an evening stroll with my husband.

Okay, so the open field is actually full of dirt, sand and rocks because I live in the desert.  But I choose to live here, and I find desert landscapes and sunsets to be beautiful.  If you have never been here, the Terra Galleria photos by QT Luong have captured it perfectly.  There are 10 full pages of photos; be sure to browse.

This is the perfect time of year for walking outdoors, and somehow the crickets seem to cover up the sound of traffic on the nearby four lane road.  That was extraordinary enough for me.


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