Those Oh So Accurate Food Personality Determinations

Apparently Starbucks conducted a survey about identifying ice cream flavors with personality traits.  While their findings make interesting reading, I don’t know why they bothered.  I get about a dozen of these sure-fire personality indicators every year.  You know them.  They always start with, “Now DO NOT CHEAT!”  In fact, bad spelling and lots of exclamation points is how you know it’s the real deal.  Right?  I included a pdf of the most recent as an example.

My favorite survey of this sort came out years ago and equated your snack food choices with your future prospects.  I’m a popcorn lover, and sadly that means I’m doomed to be a hermit and live out my days in isolation [or something about a quite life, anyway].  I’m still waiting – sitting here with my very large family making enough racket to wake up the neighbors.  At least these surveys make me laugh at the extraordinarily off-beat indicators.


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