Fitting Beauty Routines Into Commercial Breaks

I am not one of those fussy girly type girls; I just never have been.  So my opinion is not yet formed about the relatively new Glo website from MSN.  It’s sort of a middle-income GOOP knock off.  They have lots of articles about celebrity hairstyles, professional models and luxury items that you can buy for less than $100.

Tonight I found an article that I was fully prepared to scoff at.  But, believe it or not, when I read it I thought, “I could probably do that.”  Commercial Break Beauty:  Have a Mini Spa Moment While You Watch TV.  I know, it sounds hokey.

They have the routine nicely timed out and it involves minimal fuss.  Now, I don’t have any of the fancier products that they prominently mention.  But buried in my bathroom I do have variations of face creams and nail cuticle treatments that would make decent stand-ins.  And most of their treatment suggestions are things I would like to do but never seem to make the time.  At least with the hour long routine planned for me I could keep on track.

Pretty much everyone I know has at least one favorite show each week.  It is a guilty pleasure.  Now I just have to decide if I want to use my guilty pleasure time for multi-tasking.


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