It’s Official: The Internet Makes People Happier

Not that I had any doubts.  But a study out of the UK quantifies that people’s sense of freedom is increased by 15% and their happiness by 10%.  The extraordinary finding is the list of those that benefit most, and why:

The synopsis in Mashable reports that:  “The results indicate that those who benefit most from IT access are women, individuals in lower income households and those with less education. The institute argues that this is because ‘IT helps to promote and enable empowerment and autonomy.’ For women specifically it serves as an important ‘social and family network support tool.'”  [See the report, subsection 3.3 for more detail]

My personal observation is that in the US, the, “social and family network support tool,” has allowed more women to work from home.  The opportunity to have both a meaningful career and be an accessible mom has a significant effect on their overall satisfaction.  Follow this link to read the entire BCS report.


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