Taking a Look at What Real Fears Should Be

I found an extraordinary Back Story article in Newsweek May 24 & 31, 2010.  I might be the only one who thinks so, though, because Newsweek did not even print the full article in their online publication.  You can see it here, but only if you sign up for a free trial.

What Should You REALLY Be Afraid Of?
Byline: Number 17, NYC, Claudia Kalb, and Elizabeth White

Fear, as FDR noted in 1933, paralyzes those who succumb to it. And yet much of what we worry about today is based on hype rather than reality. Yes, media headlines are partially to blame. But some things (sharks!) are just downright scary. Using the most recent U.S. data available, we hereby present a list of unsettling threats and their far riskier counterparts.

I’ve included a pdf of the numbers.  Seriously, it is an interesting comparison and worth your few minutes to click through.


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