I Love the Lego Recreations

One of my favorite trends is when some enterprising young soul (must be young to have that much time on their hands, right?) recreates high profile news and pop culture moments with Lego blocks. My current favorite is the England vs USA soccer match, where the creator perfectly captured the dejection of the England keeper.

An article appeared the day after that game reporting that the player was in crisis-type counseling. In this day and age I am not surprised. Referees’ wives have been accosted in the supermarket after their husbands blew an NFL call. The link to this clip keeps being deleted, moved, and barred from comments. That perfectly illustrates the extraordinary fervor of sports fans’ need to exact revenge when they become unhappy.

If the link gets broken again, try this one to see the original Star Wars trilogy retold in 2 minutes.  Thanks, YouTube.


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