The “What Do You Need?” Exercise

I wish I had thought of it, but I didn’t. And Abby of Perusals & Peregrinations didn’t think of it either – she got it from Facebook. But I got it from her, so fair credit is due.

The gist of this idea is, when you’re feeling confused or uninspired, Google your name and the word “needs” [Carol needs]. Take a look at the first 10 results and, as Abby puts it, you’ll, “never need to read another self help book ever again.”

Carol needs:

  1. Carol needs to change
  2. Carol needs assessment information
  3. Carol needs 2K more DL miles
  4. Carol needs our help
  5. Carol needs your prayers
  6. Carol needs a pacemaker
  7. Carol needs licensed real estate agent
  8. Carol needs a photoblog
  9. Carol needs a share in Tehachapi, CA
  10. Carol needs to get Facebook … NOW

Really? Prayers and Facebook? Extraordinary ideas, except that I don’t know where Tehachapi is.


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