“Epic” Does Not Begin to Describe this Extraordinary Feat

I am a tennis fan – at least the marquee events.  And today while most everyone was focusing on the US Soccer win, I was monitoring the probably never-to-be-seen-again marathon set at Wimbledon.

Just in case you don’t follow tennis, I’ll put this in elementary terms:  The combatants were John Isner of  US and Nicolas Mahut of France.  On Tuesday, they played 4 sets (in a best of 5) and were tied.  The match was suspended due to darkness.  They came back on Wednesday to play the final set.  More than 7 hours later, the set – to decide the match – was still being played, was tied at 59 games each, and was suspended a second time for darkness.  A whole different day’s worth of darkness!  7 hours, 06 minutes, 118 games, and that was just today’s installment.  They have to start again tomorrow.

You can gain the athletic perspective with stats found in the Fox Sports post where Richard Evans does a good job of defining the moment.  But suffice it to say that the longest match ever played was shorter than this one set – by a lot.  That’s the extraordinary moment for today, hands down.


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