Fluxtimator – Knowing When to Look for the Meteor Shower

This might come too late for some of you, but the Northern Hemisphere will be treated to a meteor shower overnight tonight.  The good news is that it will repeat tomorrow night, but not as densely.

I found the Fluxtimator – an estimator of the most active meteor viewing time – and was able to see that for me here in a Phoenix suburb, prime viewing time for tonight’s shower is 4:44 AM.  I should see about 35 meteors an hour, but I could increase that to about 97 meteors per hour if I move onto a moutaintop in my region.

The Fluxtimator is a handy little gadget that, “Allows you to calculate the expected shower rate for a given date and a given location.  It also allows you to see the difference between staying downtown or moving out into the country side to a dark and clear location.”  It even accounts for daylight savings time.  Extraordinary from Nasa.gov.


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