Forwarded Email Tales (and Snopes), Part 2

European Truck SidesThe drawings that create the sides of these trucks are extraordinary, and like yesterday, I received them in email.  But for some reason, coming up with legitimate references to them was tough.  No mention of the artist or the dates.  BUT, many of the postings that I found of these photos also included the hokey “Chinese Proverb” at the end.  What’s up with that? 

Enter Snopes, that great buster of rumors, legends and general hokiness, with the correct information.  These trucks are actually digital mock-ups, although the winning entries were eventually made into canvas truck sides.  They date back to a 2005 German advertising contest.  Here’s the link for more info.

Disclaimer to NWFL59’s Blog:  No disrepect intended; I enjoyed many of your blog posts.  I linked to your photo post because it was one of the nicest I found.  My aim is at hokey email messages.  Like this.


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