Vote for Operation Hydration at Pepsi Refresh Project

Operation Hydration is a program to help eliminate sports-related deaths among those athletes that carry the sickle cell trait.  What’s extraordinary about this is that Pepsi Co funds over $1 million in projects every month.  This month a non-profit cause that is important to me is in the voting list, and I’d appreciate your support.

It’s easy.  All you have to do is vote.  And while you’re there, you can vote for 9 other great projects.  Everyone can vote for 10 projects every day.  Please make Operation Hydration one of them.

Operation Hydration at Pepsi Refresh Project

Find the Pepsi Refresh Project at

Search for “Operation Hydration” and cast your vote

Or vote from your mobile phone:
Text: 103467
To: 73774 (Pepsi)

It turns out that deaths related to the sickle cell trait in athletes are preventable with proper hydration, adequate education, and just a few minor precautions.  To read more about it, visit the As One Foundation.


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