The Beginning on March, 23, 2010

Last night I did not sleep well – more on that a little later. But within my semi-sleeping restlessness I came to the conclusion that ordinary is okay. Before you protest too strongly that, “certainly ordinary is okay,” take a moment to understand what I am gauging ordinary by.

I am an avid reader of blogs and other serials, and have long wanted to jump into the deep end in the best imitation of The Julie/Julia Project. There are some outstanding stories in the bigger blog sites out there. But in reading them I came to the conclusion that my life was simply not interesting enough to blog. This idea was reinforced when I recently laughed at some of the wedding sites that Noreen Malone of Slate made fun of and snickered when Elisa Camahort Page of Blogher labeled a Twitter post as the most pretentious she had ever seen.

My life is not privileged or poverty-stricken. Not filled with undeserved pain or unearned accolades. I love my family, but they are not candidates for anything “of the year.” The life I lead is ordinary to the point of tedium, and sharing it does smack of delusion of grandeur.

Ok. So what? Even if my life is ordinary, the challenge is to either revel in it or reframe it. I am choosing a little of each: to notice the extraordinary.  Which leads me back to my restless night …


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