Postscript #1

After 60 days of serious attention to this project, I am evaluating its effectiveness at reaching the target goal.  I am 1/6 of the way through the year, and so far all indications are positive.  Readership is steadily increasing, I receive some interaction with regular readers, and the posts are easy enough to maintain.

Except on Saturdays.  Saturdays are my most ordinary of days.  That is, my most relaxed, most family oriented, most take a nap to catch up on my sleep type of days.  Saturdays are the only day when posting feels like a chore.

Finding extraordinary moments six days a week is adequate, I think, and I have decided to give myself Saturdays off.  Yes, I know that I could schedule articles to post themselves on a Saturday, but that would defeat the stated goal of providing an experience from each specific ordinary day I am living.  So I have determined to keep the goal of real time, and just take a breather on Saturdays.


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