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Cats Playing Patty Cake with Voice Over

So many great cat links keep coming in, and I’m a sucker for cute cats!  Even though I promised to cut back, this one had to be shared.

Apparently this video of the cats’ paw patting game is a couple of years old.  But it recently received a facelift with voice over and this explanation:  “Pretty much what it would sound like if Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen played patty-cake or ‘Wing Chun Sticky’ or whatever … and were cats.”

Even if you don’t love cute cats, this is worth your few minutes to watch just for the dialog.

YouTube video found via Technolog


A Map of the Facebook World

Facebook MapI don’t even pretend to understand the explanation of the equation that created this map. But if the computations are sound, then the map is interesting. It literally glows with the popularity of Facebook usage. That’s extraordinary.

A Map of the Facebook World.  Notice this information from the original article, “It’s interesting to note that Russia and China (all of Central Asia, really) are almost nonexistent. As is the west coast of Australia, which is slightly more shocking.”

In the original post be sure to click through and see a large version of the map for better detail.

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The Sing Off

The Sing OffI watched the Sing Off last season and liked it. But I’m watching it again this season and I LOVE it! This crop of contestants is wonderful. If you don’t have time for all of the episodes, at least watch Season 2 Episode 4, the penultimate show.

I don’t often watch reality contests, and the recent longevity of a politician’s daughter on a dancing competition is exactly why not.

The Sing Off is different. The judges make the challenges, critiques and decisions up until the final night, when popular voting is finally factored in. In that format, the true developing talents continue to advance and it makes for better viewing.

School Lunch is Not for Kids

Fed Up with School Lunch

Here’s a blog that received national attention:  Fed Up With Lunch.  An employee of a Chicago school district secretly ate, photographed and blogged about school lunch every day that she could in the year 2010.  Talk about YUCK!

Every parent should read about the school lunch issues.  I, too, am a support of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and have blogged about it before here:  Seriously, Watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Please, oh please, let your New Year’s resolution be this:  I will send a real lunch made with real food for my child to eat at school.  No, I will not cheat and send a pre-packaged convenience box or any other processed stuff.  Amen.

Advice on Saving Money

msn’s Your Money put together a slide show of places where we could all cut back on spending just a little and help ease our budgets. Always a good idea – but since I wasn’t going to buy a $73,000 cell phone anyway …

10 Things That are Not Worth the Money. Some of their advice seems a bit like telling me not to put a bowling alley in my house, like we saw here: Rich People are Not Like the Rest of Us.

Some of the ideas made sense. I admit to once buying some expensive flavored olive oil at a trade show. It was delicious. But it didn’t turn me into an expensive olive oil junkie. Maybe it does for other folks and they have to be warned. Bummer.

If Web Browers Were Celebrities

If Web Browsers were CelebritiesI never get tired of these infographics. 

Since my business involves working with all of the browsers and all of their iterations, I can appreciate this riff on relevance … and so will you!

If Web Browsers were Celebrities

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Who Knew Bras Were an Economic Indicator?

In case you missed this, msn Money referred to a consumer analyst that posits that women’s purchase of luxury push-up bras indicates that this buying season is going to show recovery over the last 2 years.  The Push-up Bra as Economic Indicator.   That’s extraordinary.