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To Look Better in Photos, Do This

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittAt last an explanation for a certain celebutante’s robotic pose in thousands of photos (NOT pictured here).  It turns out that there really is a preferred angle for successful photos. gives us this:  To Look Better in Photos, Tilt Your Head, Study Suggests.  Naturally, their article is accompanied by this photo of the beautiful Angelina Jolie who does the tilt almost imperceptibly.  A great example of how it should be done.


Dogs Deserve Time, Too

Hyperbole and a Half

Lately I have been posting links for cat lovers.  But today I have a treat for those of you in the opposite camp.  Hyperbole and a Half is always entertaining, but Allie had me laughing loudly with the saga of moving her dogs to a new home. 

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving.  This is SO worth your time to go read.

I also really, really liked The God of Cake, in case I forgot to mention it earlier.

This Cat is Famous and Extraordinary

Maru and the Thin BoxI was passed this link to No Box Too Small for Fat Cat (via Technolog – a fav!), that chronicles a cat named Maru.  Apparently Maru has never found a box that is too small to attempt to climb in and she’s a YouTube starlet.  If you’re a cat antics lover, this is right up your alley.  Keep watching until you reach the “Thin Box” segment pictured here – it’s worth it.

The Technolog article attempts to explain why cats must wedge themselves into tight spaces, but I don’t know that they really have a conclusion.  Except that it’s funny.

Slate Explainer Answers All

questionsThe Slate Explainer provides, “Answers to your questions about the news.”  This is a handy site and often entertaining.  They will take a popular news story and answer background or ancillary questions that might cross your mind while reading.

For example, the recent story about TSA pat-downs that has led to the popularity of the “Don’t Touch My Junk” catchphrase has prompted the Explainer to answer, Does the TSA Ever Catch Terrorists?  Short answer:  sort of.  They excel at catching nut jobs and morons, for which I still feel relief and appreciation.

With all the news surrounding the engagement of Prince William, Explainer answers, Can the Queen Stop this Wedding?  Again, maybe.

Do you know what a forensic musicologist is?  Explainer does.  Extraordinary list of questions you didn’t even know you were curious about.

Pretending You Won the Lottery

BeachLiz Pulliam Weston writes for msn Money, and has always been a sane and practical voice for the balance between living life and paying for life.  She recently posted this column:  Pretend You’ve Won the Lottery.  She makes a good case that this little fantasy is a useful few minutes of your time.

Fantasizing what you would do if you didn’t have to drudge through the ordinary and pay all the bills allows you to identify what is truly important to you.  In today’s pseudo-psycho babble, that means:  find your bliss.

Guess what it turns out to be?  Overwhelmingly the responses are:

  • Pay off debt
  • Help family
  • Donate to charity
  • Pursue your passion (usually travel – but not me!  I get car sick on moving sidewalks)

It turns out that these dreams are within reach without the lottery.  The column is definitely worth your time to read.

Nail on the Head for Know-it-all-itis

What follows is a perfect description of how a perfectionist mind works, quoted directly from a terrific blog called Shoestrings & Daydreams.  From first point to second, there is only the know-it-all-itis at work.

#1:  “I have a compulsive need to always be right. It’s almost a crippling illness.”

Next comes a description of minor disagreement with someone who is wrong about something trivial, and then:  “So I let it go, because in my world an argument is much stronger when you have a Google search on your side.”  Said Google search was performed at a later time.

#2:  “I held onto this snippet of conversation for Six. Whole. Months. Of course, the topic never actually came up again, but if it did I was ready.  This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to most people. And also why I’m sometimes surprised I still have friends.”

The whole post is funny and extraordinarily honest and you can read it here, Know-it-all-itis.  And while you’re there, notice her list of 30 things to do before she turns 30 that runs down the right column.  Fun!

More Cooking with No Empty Chairs

It was cool today here in Phoenix.  That is rare enough to garner attention and is perhaps why my thoughts turned to stew, soup, and other warm dinners.  My husband works outside – in any weather except lightening – and on a day like today he will come home chilled.  Trust me, our blood is thin by years of 110 degrees, so 64 degrees with light rain is chilly.

I came across a great blog called No Empty Chairs.  There are recipes and stories about family.  Kelly’s recipe index in nicely categorized, and there are loads of great photos.  I also found her Credentials, listed on the About page, to be extraordinary.