Advice on Saving Money

msn’s Your Money put together a slide show of places where we could all cut back on spending just a little and help ease our budgets. Always a good idea – but since I wasn’t going to buy a $73,000 cell phone anyway …

10 Things That are Not Worth the Money. Some of their advice seems a bit like telling me not to put a bowling alley in my house, like we saw here: Rich People are Not Like the Rest of Us.

Some of the ideas made sense. I admit to once buying some expensive flavored olive oil at a trade show. It was delicious. But it didn’t turn me into an expensive olive oil junkie. Maybe it does for other folks and they have to be warned. Bummer.


ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

ChefStack Pancake MachineIn his article, 10 Deliciously Insane Cooking Gadgets, Nerd-Approved Sean Fallon showcases the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine. It looks a little bit like an old-fashioned Easy-Bake Oven that Tim “the tool man” Taylor suped up with more power.

Still, seems like it would be fun – once. The problem is that $3500 price tag is obviously not a toy.

The Angry Birds Game is Addictive and Here is Proof

Rovio Angry Birds Game

I love the Angry Birds game. I’m an Android fan, and my version is free – even better! So I was not surprised by the statistic posted in Mashable today about the number of downloads. Angry Birds Hits 42 million and counting.

Angry Birds is a simple but completely addictive game. The bad pigs have stolen the bird’s eggs. So the birds have nominated various types of kamikaze volunteers that you sling-shot over to the pigs’ fortress to destroy them. Cartoonish violence, nothing gory, and I have no trouble with even the youngest members of my family watching this game.

If Web Browers Were Celebrities

If Web Browsers were CelebritiesI never get tired of these infographics. 

Since my business involves working with all of the browsers and all of their iterations, I can appreciate this riff on relevance … and so will you!

If Web Browsers were Celebrities

Via HolyKaw!    Via WalYou

Who Knew Bras Were an Economic Indicator?

In case you missed this, msn Money referred to a consumer analyst that posits that women’s purchase of luxury push-up bras indicates that this buying season is going to show recovery over the last 2 years.  The Push-up Bra as Economic Indicator.   That’s extraordinary.

Dogs Deserve Time, Too

Hyperbole and a Half

Lately I have been posting links for cat lovers.  But today I have a treat for those of you in the opposite camp.  Hyperbole and a Half is always entertaining, but Allie had me laughing loudly with the saga of moving her dogs to a new home. 

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving.  This is SO worth your time to go read.

I also really, really liked The God of Cake, in case I forgot to mention it earlier.

This Cat is Famous and Extraordinary

Maru and the Thin BoxI was passed this link to No Box Too Small for Fat Cat (via Technolog – a fav!), that chronicles a cat named Maru.  Apparently Maru has never found a box that is too small to attempt to climb in and she’s a YouTube starlet.  If you’re a cat antics lover, this is right up your alley.  Keep watching until you reach the “Thin Box” segment pictured here – it’s worth it.

The Technolog article attempts to explain why cats must wedge themselves into tight spaces, but I don’t know that they really have a conclusion.  Except that it’s funny.