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An Ugly Topic but Important: Hair Clogs

I am a big fan of DIY routine home maintenance.  If you deal with problems when they crop up, it saves you more expensive repairs down the road.  There are five female members of our household, and every drain we have gets clogged with hair.  So does the vacuum, but that’s another post.

There is nothing easier or faster than the Zip-It tool.  The manufacturer’s website was down at the time of this post, but you can find several product demonstrations on YouTube.  I did not link to them because they are … you know … gross.

Zip-it is inexpensive, easily found at the big box hardware stores (and Amazon, it turns out), and works every time.  No kidding.  For hair clogs, it works every time.  That level of track record is extraordinary.


Amazon and other Online Shopping

Today I took some of my precious time from my ordinary day to seek out a product that I had read about and wanted to try.  It doesn’t really matter what it was.  What matters is that, after about four stores, I realized that my expectation of picking it up just anywhere was drastically wrong.  Frustrated, I came back home.

And I found what I needed online.  Seriously, less than 5 minutes later I had ordered the item from – which carries literally everything anymore – and it should be here on Friday. 

I must be a relic or hybrid of old school and new age.  I certainly know that online shopping is easy and relatively safe, and I have bought items that way many times.  Usually an item I am comfortable with.  But sometimes I forget and traipse out to into the real world in search of a product that I am unfamiliar with.  As if somehow the seeing or touching will inspire me with the confidence to try something new.  But online returns have gotten much more streamlined, and I am organized enough to remember to make them if needed.  So I have to chock online shopping up to the extraordinary event of the day.  I could have saved time, gas, and frustration with just a few clicks.