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The Angry Birds Game is Addictive and Here is Proof

Rovio Angry Birds Game

I love the Angry Birds game. I’m an Android fan, and my version is free – even better! So I was not surprised by the statistic posted in Mashable today about the number of downloads. Angry Birds Hits 42 million and counting.

Angry Birds is a simple but completely addictive game. The bad pigs have stolen the bird’s eggs. So the birds have nominated various types of kamikaze volunteers that you sling-shot over to the pigs’ fortress to destroy them. Cartoonish violence, nothing gory, and I have no trouble with even the youngest members of my family watching this game.


Kindle for Android for FREE

It’s official, there is a free Kindle app for reading e-books on a Droid!  I am excited beyond words.  First off, because I am a huge fan of reading material.  And second, because it ROCKS that Droid has so many apps available for free from their marketplace.  Free is extraordinary.

I read the release at Mashable, so you can get any further details from their article, Kindle for Android is Here.