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Concert Violinist Steven Moeckel

I discovered a concert violinist that lives here in Arizona, Steven Moeckel.  My husband introduced me to his latest CD, Herein Lies the Soul, and it is beautiful to hear.  Though I have not met him personally, all indications are that he is a quiet and unassuming personality, which is extraordinary considering his talent. 

If you should have an opportunity to hear this music, be sure to take it.  Moeckel has a distinguished resume and the pieces showcased on this CD were lovingly chosen to share, “… the different facets of the violin’s soul.”


Boycotts as a Form of Non-Violent Protest

I steadfastly refuse to use this space for politically charged opinion, since there is nothing at all extraordinary about that.  But since I live in Arizona, I probably have to comment on the large brouhaha currently boiling over the new immigration law.  Many of the people that I know have asked about it.

So here is what I DO find extraordinary:  those with the opposing viewpoint have found a hard hitting method of communication.  Money.  An effective boycott is an excellent way to get someone’s attention.  This article from MSNBC describes the details.

Power to the people – to vote with their dollars.

Bald Eagle Population Thriving in Arizona

I just read an article about Nest Watchers who look out for bald eagles that breed in Arizona.  I hadn’t realized that the eagle population in Arizona deserts had rebounded by 600% from their lowest point.  A fair amount of the success of flourishing population can be attributed to these individuals that document the species behaviors and help keep them from man-made harm. 

I was moved enough to find out more.  It’s a simple article, but heartwarming.  And quietly extraordinary.

The Grand Canyon vs the Gift Shop

Mondays are chaotic for my work; always have been.  So today’s item is contributed by my husband.  It just so happened that today he drove one of our daughters to see the Grand Canyon.  She is young and was more fascinated by the gift shop than anything.  It’s a funny feeling to take your child walking along the rim of a natural wonder and have them prefer to look at trinkets.  But our older girls were the same way and eventually came to appreciate the wonders of nature, so I am not worried.

What is on my mind is this:  how often do we live near something as spectacular as a national park, important monument, or – in Arizona – at the doorstep of one of the seven natural wonders of the world without truly seeing it?  Not that I need to get preachy or anything.  Particularly since I was too busy to go at all!  It’s just that the point of this blog is ordinary days.  And how sometimes we can become so busy that we forget to appreciate the world at large.

I am pretty sure that the title of “Natural Wonder” trumps “extraordinary.”  But if you have only ever seen it in photographs, the Grand Canyon is an extraordinary experience worth having.