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Oh No! Ducklings Get Rolled in Stong Winds

Ducklings in Strong WindIt all turns out well in the end.  But watching these Ducklings Tumble in High Winds is sad and funny at the same time!

Via Bing Video


Cuteness is Baby Otters Learning to Swim

In this entry at Bing Video, Baby Otters Take Swimming Lessons, they even get to play with rubber ducks.  Three minutes of extraordinary adorableness.

Japanese Precision Marching

This link was sent to me by a loyal reader, and I couldn’t have put it any better:

“This one is a long one, and it takes a little while to get started. But watch it [Japanese Precision Marching Competition]. And each time you start to think “Eh, that’s just about enough of that…” they do something else cool. The other half of the fun? Listening to the audience oh and ah – at parts that I find really mundane.”

This is mesmerizing, like marching bands.  Image the time they put into practice.

Gotta love Bing videos, and thanks, FW!