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Top 10 of Anything

Bing Videos has a category called All Time 10’s that offers lists of the top 10 of nearly anything you can think of:  cute creatures to crazy dictators, fashion statements to bizarre festivals, April Fool’s hoaxes to religious phenomena.

At about 1:30, each of these is interesting.  If you’re an unmarried woman living in Florida, it’s illegal to parachute on Sundays.  Just in case you need to know that.


Earth Day Observance for Student Photographers

May favorite earth day celebration was marked on Bing.  They offered a student photo contest with winners in several different age groups.  You can see the winning photos here.  But more than just prestige, the winning student photographers earned prizes for themselves and for their schools.

PLUS, the contest allowed web visitors to vote for the finalists, and the first 20,000 voters each day were awarded a $5 Giving Card that could be used to contribute to any classroom project of the voter’s choosing.  That is extraordinary.  Check out for the details.

Bing Brightens Up Every Day

Cows from BingEvery day the home screen for the Bing search engine shows a new photo and gives four trivia tidbits that encourage visitors to try out their search services. This is something close to marketing genius, and I was immediately sucked in.

Today being April Fool’s Day, I chuckled at the “cows” that some good folks in Vermont have used to decorate a roadside pasture.

I always intend to check the new photo everyday as my little bit of levity. But many times my ordinary days become such a blur that I forget. Fortunately, Bing saves about a week’s worth of images and trivia so stragglers like me can catch up. A happy, simple, free and always gorgeous moment in my every day. Extraordinary.