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Where Science Meets the World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

For Harry Potter fans, knowing the spell “Expelliarmus!” is second nature after 7 books.  But did you know that it is possible to disarm a human from nearly a mile away by using sonic wave technology?  Same result; no wand.

Discovery News slide show Harry Potter’s Magic Brought to Life gives modern day equivalents – or near equivalents – to many of the magical concepts that we have loved in the books:  brooms, flying cars, even invisibility cloaks.  Unfortunately not polyjuice potion, which they argue might be one of the coolest possibilities if it existed.


I Love Cats and Everything They Do is Extraordinary

Ok, I admit that I love cats.  I love everything about cats, especially the ones that like to do their private business outdoors so that no litter box is necessary.  Everything cats do requires great attention to understand.  This article from Discovery News explains why Cats Try Not to Make a Splash When Drinking – which is no small feat.

Some members of my large family are deathly allergic, or I would have cats even now.  But over the years there were many beloved cat pets.  There are entire blogs devoted to love of cats, so I won’t go on.

By now almost everyone has heard of the LOLcats at, but if you haven’t and you love cats, be sure to go there.

Discovery News article found via Holy Kaw!