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The Source for Great Free Games for Droid Website

It seems only fair that I credit my source for most of the Droid apps that I use:  These guys keep great lists, run great tests, and generally try to answer as many Droid questions as possible. keeps lists of apps that are free as well as any with a fee.  They provide all the needed links and creator credits.

For all of the Droid apps that I use, I have not yet had to pay for one.  Everything that I needed could be found for free.  That’s extraordinary.


Great Free Games for Droid, Part 2

Abduction! Game for DroidWhile not a new game, I have recently discovered Abduction! .  Aliens have abducted the local livestock, and your little cow is charged with saving his friends.  The cow then bounces up into the stratosphere in an attempt to destroy the alien ship.  May sound corny –but it is serious cuteness.  The game uses the Droid’s gyroscope feature, so expect your wrist to get tired with repeated play.

Free and completely diverting.  Extraordinary.

Great Free Games for Droid, Part 1

Alchemy Game for DroidThere is a new game out called Alchemy, and it speaks to my obsessive nature.  Start with 4 basic elements – fire, water, earth, air – and eventually combine enough together to form 300 unique combinations.  Some are serious (metal, pressure) and some are silly (lava lamp).  But all are intriguing and fun.

Like everything that I love about my Droid, this game is free.

Kindle for Android for FREE

It’s official, there is a free Kindle app for reading e-books on a Droid!  I am excited beyond words.  First off, because I am a huge fan of reading material.  And second, because it ROCKS that Droid has so many apps available for free from their marketplace.  Free is extraordinary.

I read the release at Mashable, so you can get any further details from their article, Kindle for Android is Here.

Palm’s Purchase is Good News

Among my family members’ varied mobile phone choices we have one Palm Pre and one Palm Pixi, and they are awesomely fun to use.  The webOS is slick, fast and entertaining.  So I was happy today to hear that HP will buy Palm and keep it from fading away.

As I have mentioned numerous times, I have a large family and we have a large assortment of smart phones that includ Droid and iPhone.  So we are used to some amazing apps and snappy performances.  But the operating system on the little Palm phones is still a source of envy, which makes them extraordinary for today.

If you haven’t yet played with one of these, you really should.  I know that Verizon has them in their stores.  You can stop in a play for as long as you like.