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A Map of the Facebook World

Facebook MapI don’t even pretend to understand the explanation of the equation that created this map. But if the computations are sound, then the map is interesting. It literally glows with the popularity of Facebook usage. That’s extraordinary.

A Map of the Facebook World.  Notice this information from the original article, “It’s interesting to note that Russia and China (all of Central Asia, really) are almost nonexistent. As is the west coast of Australia, which is slightly more shocking.”

In the original post be sure to click through and see a large version of the map for better detail.

Via HolyKaw! from … via Gawker


Don’t Touch the DISLIKE Button

Fake Fb Dislike ButtonAlas, another scam for us poor, dumb Facebook users! Read about the Dislike Button scam – more annoying than dangerous, I think – from

Truthfully, for me, the thing that makes this extraordinary is just how creative criminal minds can be.  They take advantage of whatever current trend is available.

The “What Do You Need?” Exercise

I wish I had thought of it, but I didn’t. And Abby of Perusals & Peregrinations didn’t think of it either – she got it from Facebook. But I got it from her, so fair credit is due.

The gist of this idea is, when you’re feeling confused or uninspired, Google your name and the word “needs” [Carol needs]. Take a look at the first 10 results and, as Abby puts it, you’ll, “never need to read another self help book ever again.”

Carol needs:

  1. Carol needs to change
  2. Carol needs assessment information
  3. Carol needs 2K more DL miles
  4. Carol needs our help
  5. Carol needs your prayers
  6. Carol needs a pacemaker
  7. Carol needs licensed real estate agent
  8. Carol needs a photoblog
  9. Carol needs a share in Tehachapi, CA
  10. Carol needs to get Facebook … NOW

Really? Prayers and Facebook? Extraordinary ideas, except that I don’t know where Tehachapi is.

The Latest Facebook Malware is a Phishing Scam

I am not a big fan of passing on those dire warnings about some “new” virus that in actuality has been around for years.  But this particular warning was reported on Alltop from Mashable, two sites I trust, and has only been circulating since Friday, May 28, 2010.  By now we’re all pretty skeptical of these types of scams, but apparently this one is looking unusually credible.

If you receive a post on your Facebook wall about the Most Hilarious Video Ever, do not install the player or provide your login details.  Here you can find the details from Websense Security Labs, generously posted to YouTube.

The Worst Ever?!?! Well That’s Fun!

Time Magazine is long known for proclaiming that people, places, or issues are important.  Now has decided to proclaim the 50 Worst Inventions Ever.  

The list includes obvious things like New Coke and Hair in a Can, as well as dangerous things like Red Dye #2 and old things like Crinoline.  What is lighting up the blogosphere, though, is a few controversial picks:  Foursquare was dubed,“the next generation of creepy social networking,” and Farmville, “the most addictive Facebook game.”  That was quickly translated into “narcissistic” and “time-suck,” respectively.  All good fun, I think, and extraordinary fun for today.

One Simple Answer Will Give Books to Children

The question is:  What book has had the greatest impact on your life?

The Phantom Tollbooth Made a Difference to MeAll you have to do is visit THIS SITE and leave a comment with your answer to the question.  Please, please, please, please, please don’t make me beg.  If you are a member of Blogher or Facebook, this will take no time at all.  It will be your own extraordinary moment.

From May 3-28, BlogHer and BookRenter are collaborating on a campaign to donate books to children who need them most, utilizing the nonprofit organization First Book.  They will donate up to 1000 books.  That’s a lot.

For those of you that are regular readers, you know that I submitted The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.  I am a one-woman evangelist movement for the wonders of that story.

The Red Tape Chronicles Might Avenge You

There is a consumer advocate website that I follow:  The Red Tape Chronicles by Bob Sullivan.  In his words, the site unmasks, “Corporate sneakiness. Government waste. Technology run amok. Outright scams.”  And along the way provides solid consumer information on these same topics.

Mr. Sullivan has a Facebook group, and he announced today that he will be going on a road show, of sorts, to meet with consumers in cities across the US.  [The cooler Northern US, I hastened to add.  I live in Phoenix.]  If you have a story of unfair treatment at the hands of a corporation or program that ought to know better, this is your chance to be heard.  If you are on Facebook, you can find him there.  If not, I have made a pdf of his announced cities.

I appreciate that there are people willing to fight against injustice, stupidity, and greed, and who willingly stand up for those that have been taken advantage.  That kind of determination is extraordinary.