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Laughable Lawsuits

I admit that glo is beginning to grow on me.  Some of their slideshows are great, like 9 Laughable Lawsuits.  You should read this stuff.

I don’t often get on soapboxes, but I would personally think it okay if part of my tax dollars were spent on a government position called the “No You Can’t” Court Official.  This person would be in charge of evaluating incoming lawsuits and saying, “No, you cannot sue for that because it’s stupid.” 

But I’m pretty sure that the ACLU would not agree with me on this – and I do respect their work and what they stand for.  I just get irritated with frivolous stupidity.  Alas.


Tips on How to Break Up with Anyone

Glo has provided a list of How to Break Up with Anyone, and it’s pretty exhaustive.  Babysitters, playgroups, book clubs, charity organizations, hair salons, and more.  So for anyone that is truly too nice to extricate themselves from situations that don’t fit anymore, this list will give you a charming, non-confrontational way to go.

Play Houses for Today’s Kids

Nido Kid's Play TentSummertime family activities are on my mind.  Take a look at this slideshow of play houses, tree houses, and the like that can be purchased for your children.  They have come a long way from the appliance boxes that we used to play in back in the dark ages.  I’m not sure if that is extraordinary or sad!

Because the slideshow was assembled by Glo, you know that the offerings will be more on the designer’s end of the price spectrum.  There’s a $60 cardboard house that can be assembled and decorated – which is about the only item on the list that is within my means.  The $600 tent swing “TreePee” seems downright affordable compared to the multi-purpose plastic bug, wooden yacht and firehouse that run from about $1200 up to $6300.

Fitting Beauty Routines Into Commercial Breaks

I am not one of those fussy girly type girls; I just never have been.  So my opinion is not yet formed about the relatively new Glo website from MSN.  It’s sort of a middle-income GOOP knock off.  They have lots of articles about celebrity hairstyles, professional models and luxury items that you can buy for less than $100.

Tonight I found an article that I was fully prepared to scoff at.  But, believe it or not, when I read it I thought, “I could probably do that.”  Commercial Break Beauty:  Have a Mini Spa Moment While You Watch TV.  I know, it sounds hokey.

They have the routine nicely timed out and it involves minimal fuss.  Now, I don’t have any of the fancier products that they prominently mention.  But buried in my bathroom I do have variations of face creams and nail cuticle treatments that would make decent stand-ins.  And most of their treatment suggestions are things I would like to do but never seem to make the time.  At least with the hour long routine planned for me I could keep on track.

Pretty much everyone I know has at least one favorite show each week.  It is a guilty pleasure.  Now I just have to decide if I want to use my guilty pleasure time for multi-tasking.