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If Web Browers Were Celebrities

If Web Browsers were CelebritiesI never get tired of these infographics. 

Since my business involves working with all of the browsers and all of their iterations, I can appreciate this riff on relevance … and so will you!

If Web Browsers were Celebrities

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I Love Cats and Everything They Do is Extraordinary

Ok, I admit that I love cats.  I love everything about cats, especially the ones that like to do their private business outdoors so that no litter box is necessary.  Everything cats do requires great attention to understand.  This article from Discovery News explains why Cats Try Not to Make a Splash When Drinking – which is no small feat.

Some members of my large family are deathly allergic, or I would have cats even now.  But over the years there were many beloved cat pets.  There are entire blogs devoted to love of cats, so I won’t go on.

By now almost everyone has heard of the LOLcats at, but if you haven’t and you love cats, be sure to go there.

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Time Magazine’s 100 Best Gadgets Since 1923

One of the most interesting features of this list, to me anyway, is that Apple gadgets are either at or near the top of every category that they could possibly qualify for.  A near clean sweep.  That’s extraordinary.

All-TIME 100 Gadgets

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Clever Geeky Halloween Video Treat

If you’re geeky like me, then this YouTube video is a great way to spend 2:44.  Professor Matt Weathers of Biola University created a clever presentation for his students as a Halloween trick this year.

Find it here:  Halloween 2010:  Math Teacher has trouble playing a video in class

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The Ending of Inception

Inception Spinning Top

My family and friends went round and round (no pun intended) about whether the ending of the movie Inception was meant to be in real life or in one of the dreams.  And the movie itself does not confirm either way.  But, as of today, Michael Caine has given an interview with his own interpretation.

Spoiler alert – I’m going to tell you now!

In Mr. Caine’s words, “[The spinning top] drops at the end, that’s when I come back on. If I’m there it’s real, because I’m never in the dream. I’m the guy who invented the dream.”

The ScreenRant has a strong opinion about whether or not Michael Caine’s interpretation matters.

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Down Memory Lane with Lunchboxes

Banana Splits LunchboxHere’s a trip down memory lane – Hong Kong Phooey, The Banana Splits, ADAM-12 – using vintage lunchboxes.  101 in all, courtesy of  There were shows I watched but hadn’t remembered for years, though there wasn’t a Daktari lunchbox.  But I discovered I can still sing most of the “Tra La La” theme song from Banana Splits.  Fun!  I’m pretty sure it’s:  Bingo, Fleagle, Drooper, and Snork.  Anyone else remember?

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Geeky Jewelry

pi NecklaceI love this necklace!  The seemingly random numbers are actually 100 decimal places of pi.  The geek in me is completely captivated.  You can buy this at

A while back I also found a collection of other geeky jewelry put together by Mashable/Tech.  Take a look if your geek fashion statements need a little accessorizing.

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