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These New Vending Machines are Awesome

This article from the NYT reminded me: I recently saw one of these new vending machines at a Macy’s here in Phoenix. It was selling iPods and other MP3 players plus accessories. I admit that I stood there for a long while and looked at it. It was shiny and appealing, which was the extraordinary part.

But in all practicality, I don’t know that I would purchase from them unless I knew what I wanted ahead of time. I am unlikely to stand there with the touch screen and do my research in public.  And – by design – there’s no salesperson I can ask questions.  Guess I’m just naturally chatty during sales transactions.  They’ll probably come out with a version soon that lets me electronically chat in real time.  That would be even extraordinary-er.


Music Served in Small Doses

I remember when jingles were written specifically for products; Barry Manilow was king of that until he became famous for other things.  Sometimes they still write some original stuff – like “Fly Me Away” by Annie Little for this Kindle commercial.  But more often nowadays commercials seem to feature contemporary music.  I hear a few seconds of song that sounds great and then I’m off to chase it down.  What is ironic is that I often do not remember the product that was advertised with the music I seek.  Call me a nerd (or whatever today’s vernacular is for “nerd”), but I get a little thrill from the victory at the end of the hunt.  Though I must not be the only one because there is an entire website devoted to the information, called Adtunes.

My iPod is filled with lots of random songs from groups – like “Hey Soul Sister” by Train – that I discovered on a commercial in heavy rotation.  I am aware that many, many people feel that putting real music into advertising is selling out.  Some of my own family members roll their eyes when the Plain White Ts start to play, but I love that simple little song. 

So maybe I am just lazy, but I find it an entertaining way to hear new things.  My ordinary days are usually quite busy – too busy to spend time researching new artists.  It is extraordinary that the music gets served to me in little doses, and that I willingly take the bait.  And while we’re on the subject, I will just say that MP3 players in general are extraordinary, too.  Never before this invention was it so easy to hear an entire playlist of only songs that I love.  Extraordinary.