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Rich People are Not Like the Rest of Us

Unless, of course, you have bowling alleys, malls, and malt shops at your house.  I definitely don’t.

The Real Estate page at has a slideshow titled, “Home is Where the Mall Is”  22 slides of proof that there’s no such thing as too much money.


The Body Odd Website

If you haven’t happened unto The Body Odd, you’re in for a little fun. The site describes itself as, “Strange news on the wonderfully weird human body and the medical curiosities that make you go huh, eww or ouch!” They even invite you to submit, “Delightfully disturbing ideas,” for future article consideration.

Today there’s an article on the effects of women’s hormone creams and sprays on the innocent children and pets that live in the house.

The Body Odd is one of the theme sites at, but is still worth a look. Interesting, odd, and often extraordinary.

Don’t Touch the DISLIKE Button

Fake Fb Dislike ButtonAlas, another scam for us poor, dumb Facebook users! Read about the Dislike Button scam – more annoying than dangerous, I think – from

Truthfully, for me, the thing that makes this extraordinary is just how creative criminal minds can be.  They take advantage of whatever current trend is available.