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The Farmer, His Nagging Wife, and the Mule

So here’s a joke about a farmer and his nagging wife.  And the mule.  It’s a long joke, but the punch line is worth the few minutes to read it.

I first saw this at Neatorama (a favorite), but they didn’t publish the punch line.  So I linked you directly to Miss Cellania, which is also filled with funny stuff.


Interesting Facts about the Declaration of Independence

The website has listed 10 little known and interesting facts about the Declaration of Independence (even though the title says 5 facts, this is year #2, so they added 5 more).  The site has a Neatoshop, with one of my favorite categories being science geek t-shirts.  That’s a fun way to spend a few minutes.

Discovered via HolyKaw!, which is always extraordinary.