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Musings about Deadlines in Post-Its

I didn’t realize that sticky notes had so much representation on YouTube.  But my favorite is the Deadline stop motion Post-It Note animation.  Thank you, Holy Kaw!

Most of my family lives by variations of these mottos, but I love them anyway: 

The house is never so clean as when it is time to study for finals. 

It’s a good thing I have a deadline to meet or my closets would never get organized.

Procrastinators unite!  Tomorrow.


Finally Someone Explains LOST to ME

Here – in 3 minutes – is a young man that can completely explain Lost by talking fast and using Post-it Notes (spoiler alert if you have not seen the finale).  It made sense to me.  Thank you, YouTube.

I didn’t watch Lost.  Not one single episode.  I never really understood what all the hype was about.  So I find it extraordinary that an entire 6 seasons of ground-breaking, passion-inspiring television can be summed up so handily.