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A Little Bit Less Love Handle is a Good Thing

Here’s an interesting way to add a little extra umph to your workout.  MSN Health and call these additions “Sneaky Belly Firmers,” which is probably easier to understand than obliques.  But adding these simple finishing touches to your strength training should help rein in those little love handles, and thereby make Spanx emergencies a little less frequent.  That would be extraordinary.


Lots of Advice About Sleeping Better

I found an article today at that listed 100 Ways to Sleep Better.  That in itself is extraordinary.  But even more so, as I read through the 100 tips (divided into 4 categories), there were many that were new to me.  Since I sometimes get restless legs, I found tip #8 in the Natural Cures category:

Ease Restless Legs Syndrome
Drink a 6-ounce glass of tonic water each night before bed until symptoms go away.  It contains quinine, which stops repeated muscle contractions.

There’s bound to be something in there for just about everyone.