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Slate Explainer Answers All

questionsThe Slate Explainer provides, “Answers to your questions about the news.”  This is a handy site and often entertaining.  They will take a popular news story and answer background or ancillary questions that might cross your mind while reading.

For example, the recent story about TSA pat-downs that has led to the popularity of the “Don’t Touch My Junk” catchphrase has prompted the Explainer to answer, Does the TSA Ever Catch Terrorists?  Short answer:  sort of.  They excel at catching nut jobs and morons, for which I still feel relief and appreciation.

With all the news surrounding the engagement of Prince William, Explainer answers, Can the Queen Stop this Wedding?  Again, maybe.

Do you know what a forensic musicologist is?  Explainer does.  Extraordinary list of questions you didn’t even know you were curious about.