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Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam

As crazy as yesterday was for running around, today was a nonstop sit-a-thon in my office chair.  I am stiff and sore.  But I know it would be far worse if my husband had not presented me with a tender gift years ago.  Namely, a memory foam chair pad.  Sitting for extended periods of time is not something that I think about very often, it just seems to happen.  But when it does happen, my tender region lasts longer than it might without the pad.  The store mine came from is no longer in business, but an internet search brings up plenty of stand-ins.

And my husband knew this would work because, also years ago, he discovered the wonders of a memory foam mattress.  We were early Tempur-Pedic converts, and the mattress we have now is considered the very lowest end by today’s standards.  It was an extravagant purchase at the time.  My husband has a physically demanding job, and he began to ache and creak as time went by.  A visit to a chiropractor set us off mattress shopping, and we have never been sorry that we chose the Tempur-Pedic.

If you have never tried this, you really should.  There are plenty of professional opinions out there that recommend buying the very best mattress you can afford (or finance).  We did, and it was worth the sacrifice it caused in our ordinary life.  The memory foam mattress is not just luxurious, it is extraordinary.