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To Look Better in Photos, Do This

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittAt last an explanation for a certain celebutante’s robotic pose in thousands of photos (NOT pictured here).  It turns out that there really is a preferred angle for successful photos. gives us this:  To Look Better in Photos, Tilt Your Head, Study Suggests.  Naturally, their article is accompanied by this photo of the beautiful Angelina Jolie who does the tilt almost imperceptibly.  A great example of how it should be done.


The Body Odd Website

If you haven’t happened unto The Body Odd, you’re in for a little fun. The site describes itself as, “Strange news on the wonderfully weird human body and the medical curiosities that make you go huh, eww or ouch!” They even invite you to submit, “Delightfully disturbing ideas,” for future article consideration.

Today there’s an article on the effects of women’s hormone creams and sprays on the innocent children and pets that live in the house.

The Body Odd is one of the theme sites at, but is still worth a look. Interesting, odd, and often extraordinary.