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Why The Container Store Inspires OCD-gasm

The Container Store

In yesterday’s post about the term OCD-gasm, I casually mentioned The Container Store as a prize on Oprah’s Favorite Things assuming that everyone knew about the wonders of that store.  I was mistaken … gasp!

Short and simple:  The Container Store is nirvana for anyone who is an organization freak.  And incidentally, also the purveyors of one of the widest selections of gift wrap and gift containers I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, if you need a container, storage solution, time management gizmo, organization solution, widget or gadget for control (such as decorator cable ties and computer cable containment systems), The Container Store has it.

I can browse in there for hours.  The one and only location in Arizona is conveniently located next to a Whole Foods Market, so that I can get a snack and revive myself to go back into the store and wander every aisle.  And the Arizona store is relatively new – maybe 2 years.  But the chain started in 1978, and I have shopped their stores in both Texas and California.  It is an extraordinary experience, and – if you live or travel anywhere near one – you should go.


I Learned a New Word

If the term “OCD-gasm” was in the common lexicon before, I missed it. But what a great description for those of us that think organization is a special feeling!

I saw the word in the article Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010, by Carina Adly MacKenzie for msn TV. Among the staggering (I didn’t even add it all up) value of the gifts given this year is this: The Container Store is coming to everyone’s home and building them a super-organized custom closet, which would normally be about $1000 dollars. OCD-gasm!

When the audience all gets back from their cruise, that closet will be a constant reminder of a great day in TV audience.  And they can walk right past their 52 inch Sony touch screen TV to go visit the closet. It will be a good place to store their diamond watches.  It’s an extraordinary list, and you will smile.