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Twitter Fans Will Love the Whale’s Whining

If you’re a Twitter fan, you know that frequent outages come with the territory.  If you’re not familiar with Twitter trivia:  the indicator of an outage is a whale being hauled up by little birds.  From Mashable comes a link to a Flash animation by Nadav Yaron, a creative manager at a gaming company in Isreal who has articulated the thoughts of the fail whale.

It’s an extraordinary couple of seconds, worth a quick watch!


Are You a Glee Fan Yet?

Aka:  Gleek.  It is only a matter of time before there are a whole slew of jokes in the same manner as, “… you might be a redneck.”  Glee is well into the second season, just in case you were in some parallel dimension during the first season.

I have to admit that I love the show and I love to watch the parade of Broadway stars that stroll through the episodes.  The show’s premise is all about singing geeks, and sometimes the episodes are hokey.  But mostly the characters are endearing and it’s all good fun, which is extraordinary.  If you are the sort of person who can watch musicals and not think it’s an affront when the actors break into song and synchronized dancing, then you might be a gleek.

And as a side note to those of you on Twitter:  Sue Sylvester keeps a running list of one-liners.

A Magazine Concept for our Instant Age

This is an extraordinary concept:  putting a magazine together in 48 hours with all guest contributions.  The 48 Hour Magazine inaugural issue is underway right now, and you can watch live feed of the staff on Ustream and follow their progress on Twitter.

They announced the theme at noon today.  Submissions are open until 4:00 PM on Saturday.  The editors will then, “snip, mash and gild,” the chosen pieces into a, “shiny website and a beautiful, glossy paper magazine.”

I am thinking about submitting a piece; the first theme is Hustle and I have a catchy idea.  If my work gets selected, I will let you all know first.  This is going to be fun … and, yes, I really am that much of a writer nerd!

The Historic Value of Tweets

Did you know that the U.S. Library of Congress is archiving every single tweet since the service began in 2006?  I didn’t know that.  And I find it extraordinary.  There was an article on MSN today that cataloged the most significant tweets, and asks us all to vote on their historical value.

My feeling is that Connor Riley, aka the “Cisco Fatty” story, stood out in my mind as the pivotal cautionary tale of using social media.  But she has so far gotten less votes than Ashton Kutcher’s “wifey” post. 

Public opinion seems to be going with serious significant world events:  the Iran election protests and the Hudson river emergency plane landing.  Good.  I consider that a positive thing.

Social Networks and Google were Immediate

I was working quietly at my desk this afternoon when the Phoenix area felt the relatively gentle rolling of the 6.9 earthquake that centered in Baja, California.  My husband and I looked at each other, and I first thought maybe I was coming down with an illness.  But then I realized that my monitor, lamp, and blinds were moving – and that they probably were NOT ill.

We lived in California some years ago, and I do know what an earthquake feels like.  But it was so odd to experience that here in Phoenix that it took some moments to put it together.  We checked on the family (several of whom also thought they were ill) and then scratched our heads.  Really?  An earthquake?

So here is the extraordinary part:  while my husband turned on the television and started searching the news channels, I Googled the quake and within moments had confirmed the occurrence at and was reading tweets from other Phoenicians that were just as perplexed.  The on-air channels did not have coverage for nearly 30 minutes, and some as long as 50.  Even the local websites for the news stations were well behind.  But Twitter and Facebook were immediate.  Extraordinary.