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Flamethrower vs Fire Extinguisher, You Gotta See This!

Okay, this one falls squarely into the “do not try this at home,” category.   But, seriously, it is cool. I would post a visual, but that would ruin the suspense. The main event is extraordinary. It’s a music video for a Dancing Pigeons’ song Ritalin, and the characters are Deliverance-level creepy.   But watch it anyway.

[via Holy Kaw!]


Who Knew That Watermelon Carving Could Be So Captivating?

Since the tennis match of all time ran 11 hours and 6 minutes, this video – which is long at 4:29 – will seem short by comparison.

If you can spare the minutes, it is extraordinary to watch a blank piece of fruit become so beautiful and appealing.

Also, this is my first link to Vimeo, so that makes a bonus extraordinary moment!