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More Wipeout Love

WipeoutYou already know I’m a huge fan of Wipeout – it’s the only “reality” television that I watch.  This season is even funnier than the two before it.  Here is a clip of John Henson telling Jimmy Fallon about how much he loves the show and the new concept this season.  I related to the lemmings comment:  just because I’ll watch them go over the cliff does not mean I want to follow.

I still laugh at, “Goodnight and big balls.”  Guess I’m easy.      [via Hulu and The Bubble]


Is It Bad That I Love Wipeout?

I am not a fan of violent entertainment, but I can’t help but think that Wipeout is hilarious.  Extraordinarily laugh-out-loud funny.  Those poor contestants attempting stunts that many fit athletes could not complete are just hysterical.  Today MSN posted a Wipeout “greatest hits” video that is worth watching – but I can think of moments from the show that were even funnier.  The sarcastic commentary and slow-motion replays are what make it great.

Its predecessor is the Japanese remix called MXC, which you can still see in syndication sometimes.  Since that country’s liability laws are clearly less stringent, those folks get clobbered with everything in reach plus the kitchen sink, and they have much less padding.