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Another Product That Makes Us Ask: Seriously?

Snazzy NapperWhen I saw the Snazzy Napper on ZeitGeist, I thought it was a joke. Nope! This product falls right into the same category as the Snuggie – just silly enough that people will buy it as a conversation piece.  An entire fan base, of sorts, has developed around that product.

I don’t think the Snazzy Napper lives up to its name: 

    Snazzy – conspicuously or flashily attractive 

Conspicuous is right enough.  But I don’t think they fully reviewed the definition of “attractive.”

Willie Geist asks, “Is a short nap really worth looking like that in public?” The most positive thing I can think is, at least their commercial is slightly less annoying than the Snuggie spots.


Obsession with Chicken Nuggets

We all enjoy a tasty fried snack now and then, right?  But, wow, this woman wants chicken nuggets so badly that she commits assault and destruction of property.  That is one extraordinary jones for junk food.

Via ZeitGeist –  which can be over the top, but this story is right up their alley.