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ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

ChefStack Pancake MachineIn his article, 10 Deliciously Insane Cooking Gadgets, Nerd-Approved Sean Fallon showcases the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine. It looks a little bit like an old-fashioned Easy-Bake Oven that Tim “the tool man” Taylor suped up with more power.

Still, seems like it would be fun – once. The problem is that $3500 price tag is obviously not a toy.


The Angry Birds Game is Addictive and Here is Proof

Rovio Angry Birds Game

I love the Angry Birds game. I’m an Android fan, and my version is free – even better! So I was not surprised by the statistic posted in Mashable today about the number of downloads. Angry Birds Hits 42 million and counting.

Angry Birds is a simple but completely addictive game. The bad pigs have stolen the bird’s eggs. So the birds have nominated various types of kamikaze volunteers that you sling-shot over to the pigs’ fortress to destroy them. Cartoonish violence, nothing gory, and I have no trouble with even the youngest members of my family watching this game.

I Learned a New Word

If the term “OCD-gasm” was in the common lexicon before, I missed it. But what a great description for those of us that think organization is a special feeling!

I saw the word in the article Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010, by Carina Adly MacKenzie for msn TV. Among the staggering (I didn’t even add it all up) value of the gifts given this year is this: The Container Store is coming to everyone’s home and building them a super-organized custom closet, which would normally be about $1000 dollars. OCD-gasm!

When the audience all gets back from their cruise, that closet will be a constant reminder of a great day in TV audience.  And they can walk right past their 52 inch Sony touch screen TV to go visit the closet. It will be a good place to store their diamond watches.  It’s an extraordinary list, and you will smile.

Time Magazine’s 100 Best Gadgets Since 1923

One of the most interesting features of this list, to me anyway, is that Apple gadgets are either at or near the top of every category that they could possibly qualify for.  A near clean sweep.  That’s extraordinary.

All-TIME 100 Gadgets

via Holy Kaw!

Another Product That Makes Us Ask: Seriously?

Snazzy NapperWhen I saw the Snazzy Napper on ZeitGeist, I thought it was a joke. Nope! This product falls right into the same category as the Snuggie – just silly enough that people will buy it as a conversation piece.  An entire fan base, of sorts, has developed around that product.

I don’t think the Snazzy Napper lives up to its name: 

    Snazzy – conspicuously or flashily attractive 

Conspicuous is right enough.  But I don’t think they fully reviewed the definition of “attractive.”

Willie Geist asks, “Is a short nap really worth looking like that in public?” The most positive thing I can think is, at least their commercial is slightly less annoying than the Snuggie spots.

Another Site for Great T-shirts

Fail! at Threadless.comOne of my loyal readers sent me a link to, and I had a great time looking around.  These t-shirts are inventive and beautiful.  The one pictured here is called, “Fail.”  In particular, I also liked Water Balloons and Dandy Lions – make sure to click on the thumbnail to see the design close up.

These t-shirt designs are chosen from artists’ submitted work, and this site is a fun place to click around for a few minutes!

Ridiculous Parenting Products

Here’s a topic close to my heart:  the over-exuberant new parent.  If you don’t have kids yet, take some advice from those of us that are ancient.  You have to show up EVERY day.  There is no gadget that will make parenting easier, so don’t let these well-intentioned inventions take your money.  Some of them are silly, some of them are gross.  All of them are unnecessary.

Ridiculous Parenting Products via msn Lifestyle